Hair Spa Kit 400 ml

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  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Nourishes hair making them soft and shiny,
  • Provides visible results instantly.
  • Available in 400 ml, 120 ml.


The Bee One Hair Spa Kit is the only kit you need for complete haircare and nourishment
Get nourished, silky smooth hair in just 4 easy steps !

1 Scalp Cleanser
It cleanses the hair and provides maximum nourishment to the scalp, hair roots and each strand
A good long massage helps to remove dirt and dandruff that tend to accumulate in the scalp
It gives deep conditioning to hair and makes them soft and bouncy

2.Shampoo :
After using Bee One Scalp Cleanser, apply Bee One Hair Spa Shampoo, with maintains the moisture balance of the scalping revives damaged hair
It retards the hair ageing process and prevents hair loss

3. Conditioner
Post Shampooing, apply Bee One Hair Conditioner and deeply condition and nourish your hair, from root to end
It leaves hair silky smooth and shiny

4. Hair Spa Serum
Bee One Hair Spa Serum primes the hair cycle and favours hair growth by stimulating cell activity in the hair bulb and by re-activating micro circulation
This serum helps condition damaged hair with split ends to healthy, soft and shiny hair

Directions for Use:

1.Scalp Cleanser :
Take appropriate amount and massage in thoroughly for 3-5 minutes
Post massage, wrap your head in a hot towel or use a steamer and leave for 10 minutes
How to make hot towel ? Just soak a towel in boiling hot water for 1 minute and then squeeze it to get rid of the excess water
Rinse with abundant fresh water afterwards

Wet Hair thoroughly and take appropriate quantity of Bee One Hair Spa Shampoo
Massage in till lather is formed
Rinse with water

Wet Hair thoroughly and take appropriate quantity of Bee One Hair Spa Conditioner
Massage in and leave for 5-10 Minutes
Rinse with abundant clear water
Take sufficient quantity and apply on hair
Leave it on and feel the difference from before


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