Waxing Combo - Banana Milky Wax 800gms + 80 Disposable Waxing Strips

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  • The Waxing Combo provides a seamless solution, at a discounted price
  • Wax using your favourite Milky Waxes and Waxing Strips
  • For best results, add Bee One After Waxing Gel to your cart !
  • Suitable for all skin types


The Bee One Milky Wax not only provides seamless and painless hair removal, but also nouriches the skin, leaving it soft and gentle.

Advantages over Normal Waxes
1. Steady in all seasons
2. Treats Acne
3. Heals bites, cuts and lessens skin irritation
4. Decreases skin pore size.

For best results, use with Bee One waxing strips and apply Bee One after waxing gel.

In order to assure Waxcellence, the Bee One Waxes are best accompanied with the Bee One Waxing Strips.These extra long and strong waxing strips ensure to pull out even the most stubborn hair, for long lasting smoothness.


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